IMPACT KERALA : Special Purpose Vehicle for KIIFB Projects in LSGs   

         Govt sanctioned Orders to register the Special purpose vehicle IMPACT KERALA Ltd (Investment in Municipal and Panchayath Asset Creation for Transformation Kerala Ltd) CIN : U75100KL2017SGC0513339  is incorporated to implement major infrastructure projects in Local Self Govt sector as a Private limited Company vide GO (Rt) No. 3234/2017/LSGD dt 06/10/2017. The Company is registered with an initial authorised capital of Rs 1 Crore and paid up capital of Rs 10 Lakhs.



    1. To implement projects, strategies, schemes, systems and procedures for improving the living standards of residents throughout the State of Kerala, focusing on development initiatives without compromising on health and environmental issues.

    2. To develop schemes and projects to be pursued by the Company or by local bodies in the State of Kerala.

    3. To act as an agency to source and expend funds for developmental activities throughout the State of Kerala on behalf of local bodies or other public agencies.



           KIIFB came into existence on 11.11.1999 under the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Act 1999 (Act 4 of 2000) to manage the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund. The main intention of the Fund is to provide investment for critical and large infrastructure projects in the State of Kerala. Comprehensive modification of the Act and Scheme has been made through an amendment Ordinance in August 2016. With new strategy and structure, KIIFB aims to dynamically mobilise funds for the infrastructure development of Kerala. This also includes major land acquisition needs of the State:  KIIFB have recourse to the advanced financial instruments approved by SEBI and RBI and is expecting an upspring of sustainable infrastructure development of the State. 


    Infrastructure Development Projects under KIIFB Assistance.

    1.   Establishing of Modern Abattoirs ( Rs. 100 Cr. )
    2.   Establishing of Modern  Gas Fired Crematoriums ( Rs.100 Cr.)
    3.   Establishment of Modern Markets ( Rs.100 Cr.)
    4.   Building for new Municipalities ( Rs.100 Cr.)
    5.   Establishing Septage Treatment Plants ( Rs.150 Cr. )


    Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI)

        Rebuild Kerala Initiative is guided by the Kerala Government’s vision for recovery and move towards Nava Keralam. RKI envisions a green and resilient Kerala where higher and ecologically safe standards of infrastructure, improved conditions of living and new major development projects ensure that people and assets can withstand the onslaught of future disasters.


    Infrastructure Development Projects under RKI Assistance.

    1.   Establishing Septage Treatment Plants